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Friday, August 17
5K and Walk

Registration begins at 4:30 PM
(Runners must register by 5PM)
 begins at 6 PM


Saturday, August 18
Motorcycle Ride

Registration begins at 8:30 AM
 begins at 10 AM

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Living well, right to the end of life’s last mile….

Gifford's Last Mile Ride was created in 2006 to support patients with advanced illness, helping them celebrate the time they have left with family and friends.

Our annual two-day event raises funds to provide palliative care services to patients staying in the hospital. Many also benefit from end of life care in the two Garden Rooms, special suits with a peaceful atmosphere and additional space for loved ones. But these services that comfort and ease stress are available for anyone facing "life's last mile," not just those in the hospital. We reinforce the work of the VNA and Hospice by bringing the "Garden Room experience" to patients who choose to remain at home.

Making those final moments memorable

Our goal is to raise funds for special requests that ease stress and improve quality of life for patients and their families during those final moments. Some of these unique wishes have included a Boston Red Sox game, a trip to Cape Cod, and more recently a wedding at the hospital so a patient could see her grandson married before she passed. We have coordinated celebrations and final trips, arranged family photo shoots, provided assistance with travel expenses and meals, built handicap ramps, offered bereavement support, and much more. 

Your support makes this innovative program possible

As we celebrate our 12th annual event, we want to make those special services available to more people in our community. The Last Mile Ride means more than just caring for patients at the end-of-life, it means celebrating their lives and the stories they have shared with those they love most. Please join us in supporting those who face advanced illness-so they can live well, right to the end of life's last mile!

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